Rewarding your bike activity.


ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that helps you to be active every day, rewarding your effort and encourages you to compete with your colleagues and friends.


Hit a daily 5 km goal to stay fit and healthy and earn cash or extra days off paid by your organization´s incentives program.


Are you looking for a way to boost your employees health?
We offer a simple, fun and engaging Bike-to-Work program so that your organization has an efficient way to have a healthy workforce.

Take the bike, we and your employer will reward you.

You have to eat, sleep and breathe to live, but according to the World Health Organisation, in order to stay healthy you also need at least 20 minutes of moderate activity every day. This model is proven to be the best form of preventive medicine out there. We believe bike commuting is the best way to exercise when there is no time or motivation, as you don’t even have to think of it as exercise. Cycling is simply the fastest way from A to B in cities and proved to be the cleanest mode of transport, providing cleaner air by saving CO2 emissions and reducing noise in cities. Last but not least, it saves us all a lot of money.

According to the European Cyclist Federation, cycling create benefits of over 513 billion Euro annually. This said, have you ever imagined getting paid by commuting to work by bike? We believe this is fair and even necessary.

A win-win model for all of us, including Mother Nature.


Check stats and see how you stack up with friends and colleagues.


ByCycling recognizes when you are cycling thanks to the sensors on your smarthphone. It measures your distance & track your route automatically. Hands free.


Create an account, tell us who your employer is and start cycling to work. Faster than you think you´ll have some extra cash in your pocket. Easy peasy.

Health conscious.

Cycling isn't just an activity, for us it represents a healthy lifestyle. Keep track of your burned calories, we'll reward your effort.

Are you an employer?


"If you want healthier employees,
pay them to stop driving"

"It's a step towards healthier, happier
employees we reckon."