Rewarding your bike activity.


ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that inspires you to switch wasted time in traffic for active time when commuting.


Ride your bike to work and earn cash or extra days off, paid by your organization´s wellness program



Boost workforce wellness by-cycling.
We offer a simple, fun and engaging Bike-to-Work program so that your organization has an efficient way to have a healthy workforce.

Take the bike, we and your employer will reward you.

You have to eat, sleep and breathe to live, but according to the World Health Organisation, in order to stay healthy you also need at least 20 minutes of moderate activity every day. This model is proven to be the best form of preventive medicine out there.

ByCycling is designed to help businesses to have a healthy and engaged workforce by encouraging biking to work. A company’s biggest asset is still its people and we believe bike commuting can simply be the morning-afternoon workout for employees, that beats wasted time in traffic and expensive & demotivating gym memberships.

Doing so, companies can reduce health and car related costs (cyclists could cut sick leaves by 15%), boost employee engagement, satisfaction & retention and save time on administrative matters.

A healthy workforce means a healthy business — and a better world.


ByCycling recognizes when you are cycling thanks to the sensors on your smarthphone. It measures your distance & track your route automatically. Hands free.


Curious about who's on top of the leaderboard? See how you stack up with friends and colleagues.


Create an account, tell us who your employer is and opt for great rewards when cycling to work.


Energy optimization has been since the beginning one of our top concerns. Your phone will not die in the middle of the day anymore, period.

Are you an employer?


"If you want healthier employees,
pay them to stop driving"

"It's a step towards healthier, happier
employees we reckon."